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Attention point of using anti riot shield
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Anti riot shield is used to protect the personal safety of police officers. In the law enforcement process may encounter unexpected violence incident,at this time police officers can use anti riot shield to reduce the damage caused by the violence. Anti riot shield also has some attention point of use, once attention will impact on their safety performance. So Jiangsu AnHua will introduce for you as follows:

1,When electric arc and hard light features have the weakening trend, firstly inspectors would need to consider whether the battery voltage appears inadequate. If the battery voltage appears insufficient ,need it timely charge, remained relatively stable power. Second, need to check  the contact terminal and touch ring whether clean and dry, you need to wipe with a clean cloth.

2, The long-term without the use for anti riot shields also need wipe again after fully charged, it will be placed in dry and ventilated place to save.

3, Cap type shield surface and the cushion bottom cap can not be detachable, otherwise it will be a bad influence on use.


Anti-Riot Shield SD-9593