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Basics introduction of shield
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Shield is a hand parry ancient battle for masking the body to resist the enemy weaponry, slings and arrows and other weapons to attack the defensive,  it is rectangular or round, ranging from their size. Outwardly projecting central shield, the shape of turtle, the inner surface of several root zone, known as the handle in order to grip when in use. In addition, there is the drama of the same name. But also as a person or thing of a metaphor.

In actual tactical batons shields are used in combination, which also has its own set of actions, routines features: offensive and defensive, coherent and coordinated, generous stretch, vicious attack, defense tight, easy to learn and practice, difficult injured, has a strong practicality and performative. Here's some basic moves demonstrations shield under the baton of:

1、Holding batons shields
The shield is usually adjusted with a set at the left elbow, hold the tiger's mouth close to the upper end of the grip slightly buckle wrist, left forearm slightly flat, light stick ribs, shield vertically on the left side of the body, right hand holding a baton hanging on pants,  holding batons with attention.

2、Put/take the baton shield
A、Put batons shields
Password: "Put batons shield"
Action Tips: On the basis of holding batons, shields stood at attention on, when heard "put batons shield" password, right foot back half a step, squat legs flexion, while the left arm drooping, so that make the shield right along, the hips sit in the right foot to keep (knee shoule not touching the ground). Right hand grip adjustment with the shields removed from his left arm, adjusted for the left hand grip tape, so that the shield is placed face down on the ground, make right hand placed on the right side of the shield handle baton stick grip, when heard "good" password quickly rose to the establishment of a positive attitude.

B、Take the baton shield
Password: "Take batons shield"
Action Tips: Attention position on the basis of hearing "take batons shield" password, right foot back half a step squat, then put the baton shields eucalyptus opposite action essentials implemented, hear the "good" password, quickly rose, as holding batons, shields stood at attention.

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