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Bullet proof lifejacket VS bullet proof vests
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Bullet proof vest can certainly help you resist the bullet shooting, but if you are on board being shot fell into the water and can not swim how to do? However by the Jiangsu Anhua manufactured, Flexible elastic adhesive material bulletproof vest may be the best choice, not only has bulletproof function, but also can be used as escape clothes using self-expansion. Jiangsu Anhua mainly to provide consumers with a complete tactical, survival and other police products, covering riot gear, helmets and bulletproof lifesaving equipment.

Although the market had already appeared in similar products, but the bullet proof lifejacket which provided by Jiangsu Anhua, design obvious more minimalist and has more widely application,bulletproof grade is level 3, freshwater buoyancy is greater than 20 kg;single human wear this clothing, in the water you can wear bulletproof helmets, carrying sniper rifles, submachine gun, 54 pistols each one,each the bullet 20 rounds ; or is wearing a bulletproof helmet, carrying a 54 pistol(containing 20 rounds bullets), but also can rescue personnel who in the water without a life-saving equipment.

Life Bullet Proof Vest JSYFDF-AH