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Bulletproof helmet development process
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As we all know, it is cruel on the battlefield , bullets do not have eyes, and if people is hit in the head by a bullet, he will not be able to survive , so the development of bullet proof helmet is very important. Helmet is the only protection  against head injuries individual protective equipment, the British authorities  studies have shown that wearing a bulletproof helmet can reduce the injury rate of 5% and 19% of the killed rate. US troops in World War II, the statistics also show that helmets protect at least 70,000 soldiers' lives of United States. That is why the development of bulletproof helmet was extraordinarily important.

One day in 1914, the French army cooks in the event of a German bombardment  during the wok on his head, and therefore suffered only minor injuries, and many  other people have died in heavy artillery. Since then, the development of bulletproof  helmet kicked off.

80s of last century, nations infantry helmet equipped with a high-manganese steel is mainly stamping or other special steel made, this helmet is heavier, the  difference between ballistic and thermal insulation, wear uncomfortable, there are secondary fragments wounding danger.

US military in 1978 began to use fiber materials developed bulletproof helmets,1983 began the armed forces, NATO troops are also equipped with such a wide range of  helmets. Such ability bulletproof helmet, light weight, but higher prices.

Bullet Proof Helmet BPH-31G