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Bulletproof vest and anti riot suit use and differences
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In addition to bulletproof vest, the special forces and SWAT teams around the world also have the following protective clothing and protective devices.
Multipurpose protective clothing. On the modern battlefield, Soldiers moment face threaten  by a variety of weapons, and the widespread use of various optical reconnaissance equipment, often make it in "broad daylight." In order to effectively improve battlefield survivability, military and technical personnel to design a multi-purpose protective clothing. It uses a special lightweight fiber material ,after processing, not only Bulletproof piece can also be anti-virus, anti-infrared, but also to camouflage the same as they are now ready to wear on the body, greatly reducing wear due to chemical and biological weapons who were not timely "sneak attack" possibilities. In order to protect the soldier's feet, military and technical personnel also designed to anti-mine and shrapnel "protective boots." As a result, despite a hail of bullets on the battlefield, gas filled the air, the soldiers are fearless.
Anti riot suit usually jumpsuit style, with a refractory material, can prevent gasoline bottles and incendiary attacks. It has a variety of protective equipment, when the curtain quell riots and chaos, can effectively protect the body.

Anti Suit BP-58