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Characteristics of anti riot shield
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Anti riot shield's withstand of pressure is far beyond people's imagination. Typically, it has little effect to the a ton of stuff. Test data show, when subjected to heavy pressure over three tons, it will not happen any deformation. Due mainly used to prevent terrorism or attacks on other activities, so it is important for the choice of material requirements. Main color: UP / DOWN transparent, the middle color (green, dark blue, camouflage), a variety of other colors can be customized, affixed to a variety of words, lines, icon.

Eight features:
1,The shield is made of high strength (polymer) imported PC material, the material has high strength and toughness of the perfect combination of reasonable, good impact strength and puncture resistance performance and good cushioning seismic performance, with a durable, long-lasting use and other characteristics, is one of the best anti-riot shield material, product strength, light weight, take hold lightweight, high transparency, nice enough to highlight the user's mighty heroic.
2, sleek thick edge design: no edging make it more beautiful and more durable.
3, humanized shields handle design, make it comfortable to use when to take steady.
4, arm pads shield design; sweat does not slip, comfortable to use robust, easy to clean removable.
5, shields opaque area using environmentally friendly paint, harmless, long-lasting and beautiful new insurance.
6, convenient combination of shields and rubber truncheon stent design; shield for easy storage purposes.
7, protruding rubber gasket design; reach shields and assembly of metal screws isolated, play a buffer role in the prevention of the use of afterburner cracking shield from the screw hole.
8, double screw assembly and shields to increase clamping surface design; effectively enhance the usage of the shield of strength
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