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Classification and features of expandable baton
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Expandable baton, regular full name tactical telescopic police batons, commonly used in law enforcement agencies around the world as well as personal defense. As the vast majority are forced to throw a stick approach, rejection stick this known hence the name. Rejection stick history can be traced back to Germany during World War II.
It can be roughly divided into four types according to structural differences :
Steel Cassette: The use of the vast majority of rejection stick. Festival and the Bar on the friction between the rely on section and section overlap parts lock, so the overlap part of the joint to be good to make sure that rejection stick will not be easily unlocked when Jab object or subject to vibration. At the end of rejection stick, there is a steel end cap and the handle between the card by a circular bottom bracket and two reed components. In the collapsed state, two reeds steel card will support the most detailed section of the inner wall, so stick section does not own slide. Advantages of steel cassette that: one, you can adjust the reed outer sheets of steel card to change the angle of resistance rejection stick when thrown; two, steel card can easily be replaced.
Magnetic: the difference between steel cassette is put back magnets instead of steel card , Magnetic rejection stick has two drawbacks: First, the end cap to occupy a considerable length, compared with the steel cassette, shrink the case of the same length, stretching the length of the magnetic shorter part of it, that is, an invalid rejection stick magnetic greater length; magnet magnetic Second, magnetic rejection stick used is strong, will phone , watches, magnetic cards and other items adversely affected. Of course, this does not mean that we will be worse than Magnetic steel cassette, steel cassette rejection stick steel cassette with excessive or prolonged state of tension will be fatigue, Magnetic is a good solution to this, the tail risk the magnets can provide uninterrupted uniform and moderate attractive; in addition there are a lot magnetic rejection stick magnets are installed in the most detail, this can also reduce the unwanted length.
Since the bomb: a self-made bomb thrown stick structure. The first section is a circular groove root of the stick, in the contraction, clip on the handle will be stuck in the groove, press the switch on the handle, clamp lift, stick inside the first two strong spring will pop up. Disadvantages: switch on the handle affects the comfort when gripping.
Mechanical Closed stick: The above three types are all rejection stick friction latching, locking rely on friction when opened. The mechanical latching retainer rejection stick is to rely on the connecting portion to complete lockout stretched state. Hold down the button on the end of the stick can easily be recovered to close. Advantages: First, lock securely, the extended state can withstand a lot of vertical force and not retract; it is also convenient to close. Disadvantages: due to open the attachment portion is not as close contact as friction latching rejection stick, so there will be slight shaking and adjacent sections; and its complex structure, perishable difficult to repair.