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Difference between anti riot helmets and helmets
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Helmet is a kind harness primarily to protect the head,which is police, military personnel at the time of the fight to wear a hat, also when drivers riding a motorcycle must wear protective device . Helmet and anti riot helmet shape substantially the same, but the material of the housing is different, but are all used to protect the head does not be hurt, and when you fall, head directly impact on the ground or other hard objects.

The main material of helmet is fiberglass, leather, and other special steel materials. Anti riot helmets generally made by PC material or ABS material, is a kind of police harness, when police officer  performance of official duties ,resist the head and facial be damaged . also can resist corrosive liquid , protective very good. Lightweight , good ventilation, Mask of the lens pervious to light effect is good ,wear off with ease.


 Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B