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Difference between anti riot suit and explosion-proof clothes
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Anti riot suit and explosion-proof clothes only a difference in a single word, but the two are completely different, anti riot suit , police officer while performing official duties, in order to  against external damage or other potential harm (eg spilled sulfuric acid  unknown corrosion chemical liquid) of a class of police equipment, but explosion-proof clothes refers to a bomb-proof soldiers dismantle explosives worn protective gear,anti riot suit unlike explosion-proof clothes, it can only defense  hit, can not prevent explosion.

In real life, anti riot suit using range more widely than explosion-proof clothes, after all,  explosion-proof clothes only limited when demolition explosives,Hurt Locker use ,but anti riot suit are all police officers are equipped with protective equipment. Anti riot suit designed with high-strength coating materials and specialty plastic made, not only has a good against fight performance, but also on human skin without any natural damage. In addition, present anti riot suit ,on the basis of the past add the adjustable multi-function leather work bag, gas mask bag and multifunction hooks and other tools to make anti riot suit do battle practicality greatly improved.

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