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Dressed in anti riot suit Features
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    Dressed in anti riot suit has many features, today Jiangsu Anhua will explained for you as follows:

    1. Wear off Adaptability: through training alone wearing personal speed are within five minutes, a skilled police officers dress can be completed within three minutes.

    2. Dress Flexibility: After wearing the costume squat, run, jump, twist, bow down and so is not restricted, can carry batons, shields, etc. easily.

    3. Individual and collective action tactical basis: dress after various tactical movements flexible, convenient and practical, powerful appearance, with some towns taken power.

    4. Riot total weight of 7.2 kg clothes, wearing a heavy load is not easy to perform the task.

    5. Fight fight effect: the main protective parts by clubbing knifed no crack, no harm to the body surface was no damage to the phenomenon riot gear, police have no pain, having to play against a good performance and good cushioning properties.

    6. Stab Performance: Through the test on people die, according to GA420 standards, the kinetic energy of 20 joules, the riot gear protective layer without penetration.

    7. Temperature tolerance: -15 ℃ -35 ℃ at different temperatures segments outdoor exercise, exposured to the sun and freezing, technical indicators unchanged.

    8. Security and reliability: After repeated police officers dressed training and tactical exercises of the company's overall health think-rich brand appearance mighty riot gear, anti-hitting, good knifed effect, strong cushioning properties, and enhanced ventilation, so that police officers dress when there is no obvious sweltering and heaviness safe and reliable, good policemen personal protective equipment.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P