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Feature of tactical vests
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Tactical equipment include tactical bag、tactical vest、tactical boots and so on. Today we will talk the tactical vest for your.

Tactical Vest is means some soldiers dressed in the external,the equipment used for increasing the number of carrying all kinds of ammunition  , select and use high-quality military regulations nylon webbing, with wear, light and so on. Can be worn outside the body armor, will not impede for body armor, radio, umbrella bag and so on, are widely used in special troops, it should be noted that, tactical  vest does not have the function of bulletproof.

Special Forces and ordinary infantry have many differences, leading to the the equipment of special forces soldiers  require for  use is much higher than the ordinary infantry. Special Forces used vest in addition to its use of advanced technology and rational design,   the durability of manufacturing materials required also increased the cost. Jiangsu Anhua is a professional manufacturer of tactical vests, it has the following characteristics:

1, High-quality nylon material, tensile wear-resisting ability is stronger, have both the comfort, feel softer.
2, The front and back are Molle design, you can easily carry other small equipment.
3, Shoulders and waist side is Velcro and buckle design, rapid and efficient, easy to dress.
4, There are three detachable accessory package to meet the needs of loading different items.
5, In which ,one accessory bag have large pieces of Velcro design, you can paste the badge as proof of identity.
6, Interior have a detachable rubber plate, can provide protection to the body.
7, The product uses  is 1000D encryption nylon material, waterproof coating
8, High-quality Velcro used repeatedly without distortion
9, All use MOLLE quick release combination  system, you can mix and match according to their habits requirements.

Tactical Vest TV-11