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Features of anti riot equipment
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Anti riot equipment, also known as riot control weapons, mainly refers to riot weapons, ammunition and ancillary equipment, is used to prevent and control violence in the community dedicated weapon. 
In recent years, international smuggling, drug trafficking, kidnapping, assassination, robbery, hijacking and other criminal and terrorist activity increasing. In order to deal with the violence, maintaining social stability,the whole world are more emphasis on research riot weapons. Compared with the general anti-riot weapons, military weapons, Riot gear has the following main features: 
Low destruction, nonfatal 
The use of riot weapons, not to kill opponents for the purpose, but in a short time, so that the other lose mobility and ability to resist, which have a range of combat power. 
Concealed carry, easy to use 
Riot gear are mostly used in the urban and densely populated areas or places with close proximity using objects, and sometimes directly adjacent to use objects. It requires its carrying concealed, and is difficult to detect criminals; it must use in times of crisis, requiring anti-riot weapon is simple, convenient, hit fast, quick. 
Less Environmental losses 
Criminals often seize vital departments, locations or occupy vital facilities, hostage-taking or carrying valuables, etc., require the use of riot weapons on innocent people, facilities without causing injury, or damage to a minimum range. 
Hotels with safety device 
Riot weapons usually provided transport, carry, operation, use and other insurance structures and devices. In particular, the task is to perform riot police, security personnel and other special needs often take public transportation such as cars, airplanes, etc., appear in public places. Thus, anti-riot weapons fire usually does not occur, blew, burning, leaking poisonous and other phenomena, injuring themselves and innocent people. 
Do not ask for combat accuracy 
As the general anti-riot weapons are used within close range, especially as riot electric shock weapons are in the case of using objects near, so do not ask for the accuracy of the strike.
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