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Essential features of anti riot helmet
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The anti riot helmet is an important equipment which offers a total coverage of the user’s head.

It has been designed to protect the head against liquids,chemicals and mechanical impact which are used during riots.

Generally,these helmets are manufactured using polycarbonate panels which are resistant to impact,inorganic acids,organic acids and water.

They are also self-extinguishing.These helmets are used by law enforcement agencies and military officers to protect their heads,eyes and ears during riot control.

The modern helmets not only feature the inherent properties of polycarbonate resins, but also advanced technologies which ensure that the helmet has a longer service life and remain safe at all times.

This may include making it scratch resistant and protecting it from UV radiation.

The existing anti riot helmets have the following key features:
    A shell which has been constructed from polycarbonate
    A suspension system
    Polycarbonate visor
    Neck protector
    An adjustable visor and visor attaching element.

All helmets are designed in such a way that all its users should remain safe no matter the circumstances at hand.

This may include fire outbreak where they should be self-extinguishing,easy to remove incase the situation at hand requires that one has to remain safe etc.There are certain specified standards which every anti riot helmet should meet.

Anti Riot Helmet RH-12B