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Features of riot armor suits
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Riot armor suits, also known as anti riot suits, suits of armor. It is widely used in the field of anti-riot, and other large-scale repression of the riots. So what this garment features it? Following on from the Jiangsu Anhua introduce it to you:
(1) riot armor suits outer material with high strength coated fabrics and specialty plastics made of nontoxic, natural to the human body without harm.
(2) riot armor shielding member serving each high and low temperature properties (+ 55 ℃ / -20 ℃, 4h), puncture resistance (20 joules), impact resistance (120 joules), hitting energy absorption (100 Joules ), flame retardant properties are up to the public safety industry GA420-2003 standards.
(3) riot armor suits on the basis of the stab in the lower abdomen, has added a special protective bag adjustable bowl, while retaining vertebrae in the chest and installed at the snap, so that the product is designed for police officers to go to the bathroom easy, practical tool sex.
(4) The material is superior riot armor suits, light weight, the total weight of 6.5 kg, lighter than conventional products.
(5) chest, back, thighs, legs, arms and other parts of the suspension system is provided with ventilation.
Unique (6) riot armor suits designed, respectively, in the chest, back stab set removable core bile, in the implementation of specific tasks, ready to be loaded bulletproof gall core.
(7) Adjustable riot armor suits new multifunction leather work bag, gas mask bag, multi-hook, improve the operational practicality.
(8) The packaging design with back, put dual-use, multi-function pocket pieces, real strong.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P