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Features of stab proof vest
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Stab proof vest is a kind of policeman stab-resistant, anti-knife special clothes. It is also called anti-knife clothing,with anti-knife cut, anti-knifed, anti-knife stab, prevent scratching by objects ,which with sharp edges, abrasion, guard against theft and other functions. When wearing stab proof vest if you encounter abrade or with a sharp knife (edge, sharp objects, etc.),cut, mow, hack,scrape, rub, can be to protect the wearer from the cuts, scratches, is suitable for public security, armed police, army, security, drivers, glass processing, employees or the elderly, children, students wearing in the case of could be scratched.

The above describes a series function of stab proof vest , then stab proof vest  in the end there is what special have so many functions?  Jiangsu An Hua will explain for your in detail below:

1, Anti-knife cut: special braided structure coupled with the excellent performance of ultra high strength fibers makes the clothing have anti-cut function

2, Anti-knifed: ultra high-strong fiber high density woven ,using a special process forming a flexible force groups, can prevent chopped.

3, Anti knife stab: stab proof ability greater than 500 Newton

4, Anti-theft: the blade can not cut cut-resistant layer, inner pocket of clothing can prevent theft

5, High strength: with ultra high strength fiber line double stitched, to ensure that seams cut grade, difficult to damage, difficult to tear

6 ,Large area: from 0.7 to 1.2 square meters, protective area large more than the area of four soft stab clothing, anti-stab vests, stab-resistant protective clothing

7, Light weight:  0.65 kg, excellent maneuverability

8, Thin thickness: do not affect the body flexibility, put on the coat and the normal dress is the same

Bullet Proof And Stab Proof Vest BSV-AH01