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Gas masks, make me no longer fear Beijing haze red alert
time2015-12-09 11:36 read times

Dec. 7 news ,today on 0:00 to the 9th 24 pm, Beijing will take measures aim at heavy air pollution to orange alert. Just off after the last round of severe fog and haze, a few days ago, the Beijing air heavy pollution emergency headquarters issued another heavy air pollution orange warning, is expected until the 9th, Beijing's air quality will remain five level heavy pollution levels. Until wednesday night to thursday during the day, a new round of cold air effect in Beijing, the air quality will gradually improve. Reporters learned yesterday, Beijing has been released ahead heavy air pollution orange warning,  today midnight to wednesday 24 pm , the city's implementation the heavy air pollution orange warning measures. Currently, the city's districts, each unit will implement the most stringent law enforcement to deal with the heavy pollution process.

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