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Hard anti riot suit characteristic
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Anti riot businesses introduce the characteristic of hard anti riot suit.
Anti riot suit divide into sub-soft, hard two kinds, are non-toxic, fire-retardant material specially made, and the use of advanced technology to set buffer ventilation system.
Implementation of the standards: "GA420-2008 police in riot gear."
Material: high strength and high toughness alloy plastic + soft energy absorbing material + aluminum fender front gear.
Protection Components: chest, protecting the back, shoulder, arm guard, elbow, forearm guard, before the file protection, protect hips, thigh, knee, calf former guard, after nursing calf, retaining feet, protect neck, care coccyx (sheepskin) fighting gloves.
Color: camouflage, black, dark green
Chest may need to install armed with the user to configure the instrument loaded with cover (optional). Riot gear joints in the joints can be adjusted to meet the 165CM ~ 185CM height by wearing.
The main technical indicators: protect the chest, back and front gear; anti-standard tool 20J kinetic puncture.
Plastic protective block: 120J shock is not broken.
Protection block, fabric, mesh: flame-resistant, burning time less than 10 seconds.
Connection with power:> 2000N
Velcro fastening strength: "7.0N / cm
Protection Area: chest and before the file> 0.1cm back> 0.1cm
Upper> 0.18cm lower limbs> 0.3cm
Adapt to the environment temperature: -20 ℃ - + 55 ℃
Total weight: 6.5KG.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P