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Hard bullet proof vest more affordable?
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Now there is a recognition in society is that hard bullet proof vest is more affordable than soft bullet proof vest, on the grounds that hard bullet proof vest no use life problems ,stable and durable, meanwhile hard body armor cheap, are equally soft products prices half or less.In fact, this is an incomplete understanding.Because, hard bullet proof vest heavy, thermal conductivity, and the human body does not fit the other factors lead to people unwillingness to wear, does not mean there is no equipment. At the same time,hard bullet proof vest also exist the rebound、ricochet and other defects, in the battle undoubtedly a potential bullet emission source. Thus to say, equipped with a hard bullet proof vest is not a greater waste and mistakes it? Soft product is the result of technological development, social progress, and its bulletproof layer is a multilayer fabric (or no-woven cloth) seaming processed and use dark color  waterproof fabric sealed packets , suitable for all-weather use, the quality of small, soft, comfort, is a substitute for hard bullet proof vest.Of course, in the current economic development is still unbalanced, funds nervous situation, equipped  the right amount of bullet proof vest can solve the urgent needs of .

Bullet Proof Vest BPV-AH03