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How to choose the bullet proof helmet lens?
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Bullet proof helmet is to protect the harness of head , is the soldier training, combat hat, is an indispensable tool in people's traffic. It mostly semicircular, mainly by the three parts, shell, liner and suspension .Shell were used special steel, fiberglass, reinforced plastic, leather, nylon and other materials to resist warheads, shrapnel and Other items blow damage to the head. So how to choose helmet lens? Today,Jiangsu Anhua will explain for you.

Comply with safety-approved lenses are all transparent, any colored or dark side due to insufficient light transmittance and can not pass the test. Normally only during the day have strong sunlight ,just can use colored,or it is too dangerous! Suggestion,when buying helmet, first choice transparency  lenses . Now on the market sold lenses generally are PC material to do, most have further strengthened hardened, so that the lens surface is more difficult to be scratched.

Bullet Proof Helmet BPH-31G