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How to discern the military boots?
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Probably since the early 1990s, it became fashion to wear boots of young people. Now, many domestic military fans are pride to own a pair of PLA boots equipment. However, there is also a lot of knowledge in it. Here are some simple knowledge to identify genuine and fake military boots by Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

The so-called real or fake, including two meanings: First, the troops specification version, folk copy version of the distinction between the so-called military, civilian or military version, the commercial version of distinction; the second is the original and fake out the distinction. Here, i give you a presentation for difference between military and civilian type.

For a pair of military boots, it should meet the following conditions:
(1) produce by regular military factory, or by the military designated units of production;
(2) meet the military standards for quality and performance, and inspection;
(3) need to protect the system of regular circulation, with formal labor force found.

In line with the first two conditions, can be called the military boots; and 3 all in compliance, can be called standard products, only to meet the first one, does not meet the second and third strips can be called civilian; and 3 are not met, is entirely fake, or "imitation." From the outside, boots, shoes, military identification method is: troops allotment boots, shoes, suture directly exposed to the soles." To officers shoes, for example, the Quartermaster General Logistics Department in 1987 to design a 87-style shoes officer, according to SGB2-102-87 standard, and its styling is still three joints, plus the use of adhesive seam structure, black chrome uppers for cattle front leather outsole vulcanized rubber sole is flat, even with the molding, the pattern for the cross-lattice.

When Factories finished products, the quality of the shoe should be tested, compliant with the troops before, if ti does not meet the standard of defective shoes are sold to the community as a civilian. In addition, the end of military shoes in selected materials also have strict requirements: genuine military shoe outsole material is natural rubber, gel content of not less than 38%; military products for civilian shoes and shoe outsole most civilian use is more recycled rubber, gel content is only about 15 to 20%. Foe example "Qiangre" combat boots, put sole running at high speed rotating grinding machine, if you feel sluggish and less dust, it can be determined for the military version; if you feel smooth and dust is large, we can conclude that the people goods.


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