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How to purchase the anti riot helmet
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Anti riot helmet although usually we basically never used, but the saying goes, hardships,die lok, know a little knowledge about anti riot helmets is quite necessary. Then, how to purchase the anti riot helmet ? Now Jiangsu AnHua will explain it for your.

1. We have to look at the safety signs of anti riot helmet, production license whether in compliance with national standards, if the purchase anti riot helmets is imported, we also have to see whether in compliance in that country's anti-riot helmets as safety signs.

2. Remember that good helmet must be hard enough. So when we buy, we can in different position of the helmet inwardly press, and see a helmet whether will be deformed.

3. Finally, and most important point. Suit their own is the best, No matter what the merchants said, not suit their own is no good. So when we tried to buy it,we should try on , to see whether the right size, put on to feel is comfortable.

These are some considerations that based on our own experience drawn when purchasing on anti riot helmets , if have better suggestions, please feel free to contact us.

Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B