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How to use anti riot shield
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Anti riot shield when in the use ,has a certain method , only the proper use only then may play a protective role, if used improperly, then this will be counterproductive, then how to properly use anti riot shield in order to play the maximize protection role? Jiangsu Anhua will tell you as follows:

When using anti riot shield, need will left arm wear into the inside of the hanging belt , hand need to clenched the handle , put your fingers in the place where can touch the button can be. When in the use of electric shocks, strong light launch the missile body , just need to turn on the appropriate switch , when the work light bright, fingers touch the switch button on it. After using only needs to close insurance switch can be reset stop. when use the launcher, can be will the bomb which need to use ,  inserted into the bottom of the launch barrel ,and then open the appropriate insurance switch, when the work light bright, finger open the appropriate emplacements launch switch , it can conduct launch function of the projectile body.

Anti Riot Shield SD-9593