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How to use police batons and nightsticks
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Do you know that police batons and nightsticks are good self defense weapons? Do you know you can protect yourself without using a gun?

When I was much younger, I used to wonder why police and army officers carry batons and nightsticks. Back then, I thought guns are the only reasonable weapons that they should carry. I could not just comprehend how an officer would control people with a mere stick.

Then,how to use police batons? I will tell you as follows:
1、Remove the baton or nightstick from its casing, if it has one.
2、Expand it to your desired length, if it’s an expandable one.
3、Move closer to the assailant while you are maintaining a firm grip on the baton.
4、Give the assailant a last warning.
5、If the assailant fails to comply, strike him/her hard on the arm or legs. Target parts of the body such as the mid-thigh, the front of the shin, back of the hand or fingers. Avoid hitting the assailant on the head unless your life is threatened.
6、As soon as you have weakened the assailant, escape from the scene if self defense was your motive. But if you are a military officer, arrest the assailant and use your handcuffs.

Aside attacking an assailant, batons and nightsticks are used to block oncoming blows or kicks. To achieve this, you may have to hold the baton with two hands at both ends  So, if the assailant is ready to engage you in a combat, you may have to block before hitting.

So, batons and nightsticks are not meant for military officers only. You can also purchase one for self-defense purposes. The expandable ones are easiest to conceal and are adjustable to any length you prefer.

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