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How to identify the quality of helmet by materials?
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Helmet have anti riot helmetbulletproof helmet and so on, helmet is made of ABS, composites, fiberglass, carbon fiber and other materials, then What is the differences of these types of materials? How do we identify a variety of materials? Here Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd introduce as below:

ABS resin is one of the five synthetic resin, its impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and excellent electrical properties, but also has easy processing, products dimensional stability, surface gloss and good features, easy painting coloring, but also secondary processing surface plating metal plating, welding, pressing and bonding, widely used in industrial machinery, automotive, electronics, instruments, textiles and construction, is a very use wide engineering thermoplastics.

Composite material, is composed of two or more than two materials having different properties by physical or chemical means, on the macroscopic properties of the material having a new composition. Learn from each other in the performance of a variety of materials with each other to produce a synergistic effect, so that the overall performance is better than the original composition of the composite material to meet a variety of requirements. Matrix composite material is divided into two major categories of metal and non-metallic. Metal matrix commonly used aluminum, magnesium, copper, titanium and its alloys. Non-metallic substrates are mainly synthetic resin, rubber, ceramics, graphite, carbon and the like. Reinforcing materials are glass fibers, carbon fibers, boron fibers, aramid fibers, silicon carbide fibers, asbestos fibers, whiskers, wires and hard fine particles and the like.

Fiberglass is also known as GRP, namely fiber-reinforced plastic, generally refers to the use of glass fiber reinforced unsaturated polyester, epoxy and phenolic resin matrix. Products made of glass fiber reinforced materials or reinforced plastics, glass fiber reinforced plastic appellation, or title fiberglass. Because of the different varieties of resin used, so there is a polyester fiberglass, glass fiber reinforced epoxy, phenolic FRP said. Light and rigid, non-conductive, high mechanical strength, low recycling, corrosion-resistant. Can replace the steel manufacturing machine parts and cars, ships shell.

Carbon fiber, as the name implies, it not only has the inherent intrinsic properties of carbon materials, and both soft and workability of textile fibers, a new generation of reinforcing fibers. Compared with traditional glass fiber (GF), Young's modulus is more than three times its; Compared with Kevlar fiber (KF-49), not only the Young's modulus is about 2 times, and in an organic solvent acid, alkali insoluble swelling, outstanding corrosion resistance. Some scholars in 1981 the PAN-based CF soaked in alkali NaOH solution, the time has past 30 years, it still maintains the fiber morphology.

Difference: carbon fiber material is stronger than the highest quality materials. Section can be distinguished according to the material, the naked eye can not distinguish between good and bad performance concrete, can only be tested by destructive testing. ABS which is consistent with all the performance, the highest tensile strength fiberglass, carbon fiber composite material anisotropy, fiber direction.

How to identify the quality of a variety of materials helmet, I am sure you will certainly have a better view, I hope you can give more valuable advice, we will draw a better suggestion, learn from each other.

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