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In reality, how the effect of use anti riot suit
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Anti riot suit is the close partner of police officers, mainly in order to protect the personal safety of police officers, minimize the harm. Anti riot suit and ancient armor similar, are used when the two sides battle to protect the body from harm, it can be good reduce deaths and injuries occur.

So,in reality, how the effect of use anti riot suit? Through continuous testing, we found that the use effect of anti riot suit is still very good. Because it is used for close combat, anti riot suit function and role are also larger and obvious. For the cudgel's hitting or cutter cut, stab, anti riot suit can well afford, so that the body does not hurt. Because police officers sometimes need long-term wearing anti riot suit work,anti riot suit use high-strength coated fabrics and specialty plastics made of, nontoxic,human body without natural harm, even if long-term use does not harm the human body. Protection of anti riot suit throughout the chest, back, thighs, legs, arms and susceptible to attack vulnerable parts are fully wrapped, bring absolute security.


Anti Riot Suit BP-28P