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Life Guardian - bulletproof shield
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Bulletproof shield plays an important defense role in the hostile combat. Traditional bulletproof shield is rectangular style , and now,constant pursuit design breakthrough ,bulletproof shield also have some novelty style .

Bulletproof shield tactics in accordance with the formation, divided into single hand handheld shield, two people shield, three people shield and little team shield tactics. Basically, swat armed with shield as bunker, with one hand armed with shield, the other hand holding a pistol to bent bypass the shield , for aiming and shooting (In general, a single hand  handheld is ⅢA grade bulletproof shields, grade Ⅲ bulletproof shield because too heavy, only can hands gripping a shield). Swat , armed with shields called shields hand ,  the SWAT behind the shields hand, using the straight-line team formation, so bulletproof shield can cover behind team member. Medium bulletproof shields usually have a piece of bullet-proof glass, so that, the swat armed with shields ,able to see the situation through the bulletproof glass.

Swat have a lot opportunity to use bulletproof shield , such as searching buildings, confrontation and so on, this moment must let the shield hands build a bunker, in order to search for and motion. In particular to the corner, must use bulletproof shield establish bunkers , then let shield hand to observe the situation; when entering a house, also needs shield hands open circuit; encountered unidentified persons arrested, best to let shield hands open circuit close to the unidentified person; In addition, also can use a shield to cover people evacuated gunfight locale.

Handle BulletProof Shield BPS-AH01