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Main points of use anti-cut gloves
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In the anti riot equipment, cut-resistant gloves when in use need to pay attention some points, otherwise when combat will occur bad consequences.

1,When select cut-resistant gloves must pay attention to choose the right glove size, if the glove is too tight, it will be Influence the blood circulation, likely to cause the wearer fatigue and uncomfortable. However, if the glove is too loose, it will not use its flexible, it will be very prone to fall off.

2,When select cut-resistant gloves must have sufficient protective effect, if it is using in the environment of steel wire cut  , will can not choose synthetic sand gloves. In order to ensure protection feature, must periodically be replaced gloves. If expired, then it will harm to the hand.

3. When remove the glove must to pay attention to proper use way to prevent harmful substances above the glove gets on the skin and clothes, causing secondary pollution.


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