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Material development of bulletproof vest
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What is a body armor? This is a kind of military uniform that can prevent bullets in a rain of bullets and shrapnel penetrate , also known as bullet proof vest.So ,how many materials can make bulletproof vest?How is it a development process?Jiangsu anhua will explain them for you.

Development of bulletproof material has gone through a long historical process. From the ordinary rolled steel to alloy steel, metal materials from steel to glass, from the ordinary to the aramid fiber (Kevlar), from a single material to composite materials. Every step, have made a big step to improve the performance of body armor. Although bulletproof material varied, variety, but to sum up, only the metal (including alloy), glass, steel, ceramics, nylon, silicon carbide and Kevlar six categories. Among them, the latter three are soft ballistic material ,with many excellent performance, has gradually replaced the first three rigid material. Nylon is soft bulletproof material, the use of multi-layer high-strength nylon, can effectively prevent submachine pistol bullets and bullets, lighter; silicon carbide fiber is an inorganic fiber, it has a particularly high modulus of elasticity, tear generated upon impact crack and absorb the energy of shrapnel,  weaken the broken shell fragments of  harm to human body ; Kevlar has a high temperature, high strength and high modulus, which is five times the strength of steel. Such material is made of body armor, bulletproof better, more comfortable to wear. When a bullet or shrapnel hitting the Kevlar layer, its high strength to block bullets, stress and deformation of the fiber itself, consume a bullet or shrapnel kinetic energy, thereby protecting the wearer's safety. Recently, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene starts to ballistic layers.

Nylon, Kevlar, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene are classes based on soft fabrics or  impregnated with a resin-based chemical production of ballistic layers, the ballistic mechanism  is the same: to use their strength to resist a bullet or shrapnel, when not resist, twisted fibers embedded live bullets or shrapnel, the first layer can not stop, there is a second layer, fought quite a bit of flavor. The main factors that determine the performance is ballistic fabric weight and thickness, structure; The second is made bulletproof vest material structure. Test showed a dense structure plain fabric 200 g / m 2 has the best ballistic results. Such a line with three fabric sewn together enough defense rifle bullets. US ground forces wearing bullet-proof vests are using 475 g / m 2 13 layers of Kevlar fabric, coat are olive green cloth. Outer clothing sets is 272 g / m 2 ballistic nylon fabric,through the conjugate water treatment, four-color  green jungle built; the same inner and outer layers, using olive green. Such bulletproof body armor layer inner sleeve clothes、the outer portion are all have bullet-proof effect.

Bullet Proof Vest BPV-AH03