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Military classification of helmet
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Due to the growing diversification of modern military and peacetime work, life, people's lives and safety of the growing importance of the use of helmets are increasingly being used can be divided into the military, work, sports categories, following on from the Jiangsu AnHua talk about the military side of the helmet Category:

Infantry helmet:
Also known as bullet proof helmets, bullet and shrapnel mainly for defense against head injuries. Helmet shell made of special steel production and more, to improve the ballistic performance, and some also add a layer of ballistic nylon or glass reinforced plastic lining. Suspension systems are usually made of leather, plastic or fiber fabric made from fixed helmet shell. Helmet weight is generally 1 to 1.5 kg.

Pilot helmet:
Pilots and crew, such as pilots wear helmets, helmet shell multi-purpose lightweight fiberglass or plastic and other materials, primarily to prevent concussion or head injury knock, and to noise abatement. This helmet can wrap the ears and cheeks, equipped with headphones and microphone, and some also equipped with a removable top and bottom mask to protect the eyes and face.

Airborne helmet:
Used to prevent manipulation with instant parachute rope or parachute landing wounded and bruised head, then use after landing and infantry helmets same. This is generally a steel helmet, often with double helmet, wearing a solid and reliable, to avoid being washed off the air flow in the parachuting process.

Tanks member helmet:
Commonly known as the tank cap, helmet inside the tank crew is equipped with foam or foam rubber, shock pads, helmets and some similar pilot helmet shell, but also useful leather, fiber and other sewn fabric, this soft helmet, China, commonly known as the tank cap.

Equestrian Helmet:
Also known equestrian helmets, English Equestrian Helmet. And helmets for other purposes, is to provide head protection for the rider. A very important equestrian helmet safety standards is unfortunate rider to be broken off the ground, so as to reduce the impact of external forces riders head to achieve the purpose of protecting the rider.

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