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How to distinguish good and bad performance of bullet proof vest?
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Only from the appearance of the  bullet proof vest can not distinguish the performance is good or bad. In general, the formal bulletproof vest manufacturers should have the appraisal report and appraisal report that qualified by national professional accreditation bodies.

Appraisal report should include bulletproof vest firing test and evaluation results, and generally include "through or not," "penetrating layers" aspects "body armor weight" and "backing material recessed depth" and so on. "Penetrate or not" is the most important body armor assess quality standards. "Penetrating layers" means bulletproof security.

Many factors affect the weight of bulletproof vest, in the same degree of protection, mainly affecting the material used in bulletproof vests and protective area, followed by the impact of the materials used in bulletproof jackets. In general, the same level of protection performance, the lighter weight body armor, body armor, the higher the grade. "sunken depth" non-penetrating injury performance,  the deeper the sunken depth in general, the performance of the corresponding non-penetrating injury is greater. Conversely, the higher the grade of bulletproof vest.

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