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Performance of bullet proof vest
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Bullet proof vest means "able to absorb and dissipate warhead fragments kinetic energy, preventing the penetration, the effective protection of human kind clothing fenced site." According to the use of perspective, it can be divided into military type and  police type. From the material, the body armor can be divided into software, hardware, and software and hardware complex of three. Soft body armor materials are mainly high performance textile fiber-based composite materials without sheeting, these high-performance fibers are generally much higher than the energy absorption capacity of the material, given bulletproof vests and body armor because of this commonly used textiles structure, which is also a considerable flexibility, called soft body armor. Hardware is based on body armor special steel, aluminum and other metal materials or super-alumina, silicon carbide and other hard non-metallic materials as the main bullet-proof material, body armor made therefrom generally do not have the flexibility to flapper mainly in the form. Soft and hard body armor composite softness between the two types, it is lined with soft materials to hard materials and reinforcements as the panel is a composite body armor.

As a kind of protective equipment, body armor should first have the core performance is bulletproof performance. At the same time, as a function of the garment, it should also have some clothes with the performance.

Bulletproof body armor performance is mainly reflected in the following two ways:
(1) flak: high speed fragments of various explosives such as bombs, mines, artillery shells and grenades explosion is one of the main threats to the battlefield. According to the survey, the threat of the order of a battlefield soldier faces is: shrapnel, bullets, blast and heat. So, to put great emphasis on the function of flak.
(2) Resistant to penetrating injury: the bullet hit the target after will have a great impact, this impact force is applied to the damage produced by the human body is often fatal. Such damage is not showing through, but can cause internal injuries, severe life-threatening. An important aspect of it is to prevent non-penetrating injury is reflected in bulletproof vests and test performance.

Bullet Proof Vest BPV-AH03