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Recognition of traffic baton signal
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Traffic police used baton directing the vehicle travels, stop, turn and so on, its role and with a gesture command is identical. Therefore, for "stick" and "hand," the meaning is the same, it goes without saying that the drivers will understand. So, how to identify the baton signals?

Traffic police who stood at attention, the body sideways to the car, right hand holding the stick Stretch your right arm is raised. Followed by a swing to the left, then the rod drop, then put down his right hand, holding stood at attention. Straight left and right sides of the vehicle permit passage; the parties without prejudice to the intersection right turn vehicle was released under the condition that the vehicle can pass, the traffic police's attention position is a continuation of straight signals to allow vehicles to continue in order to pass. After the vehicle passes, a traffic policeman holding ease position, the signal is removed.

Traffic police who stood at attention, the body sideways to the car, right hand holding the stick forward Stretch Arm Lift, which allow a variety of left turn and through traffic on the left (in the center of the left small turning circle, non-motor vehicles in the center of the right circle side turn) pass; under his left arm at the same time if the swing to the right in front of the motor vehicle is a schematic small turning left, turning right parties the right side of the vehicle and the T-shaped intersection without crosswalk straight vehicles, without prejudice to the case was released vehicle can traffic. Traffic police baton down the right hand signal released.

Traffic police who stood at attention outside, to car-oriented, right hand holding the stick for straight arm is raised up, the vehicle should stop at the stop line, closed to traffic; however, the vehicle has crossed the stop line can continue to pass. Traffic police dropped the head, then lay down arms, to become at ease posture, for the lifting of the signal.

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