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Riot police wearing riot gear , also need to use what ?
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Anti riot suit ,when riot police is on duty must wear , so-called riot and observation is specifically suppress riots special police forces.  These riot police all equipment are  use special materials made of. For example, the commonly used anti riot shield, riot gloves, riot helmets, riot arm protection group, as well as heavy riot suit.

This anti riot suit is diveded into jacket and trousers , the garment material has good fire safety features,clothes interior has a can absorbed foam and plastic,  can achieve good unventilated, void-free design, but activity has some restrictions. Often use protective tool also have sticks , use for arrest, cooperate with round shield or small shield, but long sticks generally use for combat, but without the shield. Riot gun fired non-lethal rubber bullets, people will feel pain. There also have tear gas, tear gas, etc., in the process of anti riot ,these weapons are must use .

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P