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Role of anti riot shield in the whole anti riot suite
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Anti riot shield to withstand the degree of the pressure, in fact, far more than people imagine. Usually,several tons of things have little impact on it. Data testing, when subjected to more than 3 tons heavy pressure, it does not happen any deformation. Due anti riot shield mainly used  to prevent terrorism or attacks on other activities, so for the choice of texture requirement is very important.

Anti riot suit materials and anti riot shield are not the same, it is mainly based on a new type of PVC material manufacturing. When subjected to sudden violence assault, it can be very good to protect the body from harm. In addition,anti riot suit is mainly made by helmets, belts, batons, gloves and other multiple components. The belt is a kind of components loaded with batons set , connected to the leg, in order to be able to respond quickly when necessary.

Anti-Riot Shield SD-9593