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Several problems of using electric baton
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Electric baton is the public security and armed forces were equipped with a kind non-lethal weapon, which play a important role for the police to perform tasks effectively , but abuse electric batons will give people cause serious injury or even death. Jiangsu Anhua has analyzed the effect of electronic baton electric shock on the human body,raised several issues should be attention when use the electric batons .

1, When using electric batons should according to law, to make stick people-oriented concept. We usually main use the deterrent effect of the electric batons, unless criminals encountered malicious attacks, or when armed malicious attacks can use its electric shock effect,must not put the electric batons as an instrument of surrender criminals. Especially not abuse electric batons, but should strictly abide by relevant laws and regulations, maintain a good image of the police, to avoid abuse electric batons lead to casualties of the event.

2, Although our country the existing types electric batons the output effective current value are greater than get rid threshold value and less than Ventricular fibrillation valve, but taking into account the various factors that affecting electric shock effect, for safety reasons, when police in the use of various electrical  batons, electric shock site generally is the suspect's legs and arms is better, don't electric shock head, facial features, heart chest, neck, spine and other parts, the role of time is generally between 0.5 ~ 1.5s, in order to avoid causing casualties.

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