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Soft bullet proof vest puncture-proof?
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Many people think that soft bullet proof vest even can bullet proof , to deal with the tool cutting and piercing is more a piece of cake, but unfortunately, the soft body armor is not fully equipped with stab service functions. Why? Here JiangSu Anhua will explain for you as follows:

Soft bullet proof vest is made of a Kevlar material ,when the bullet hit a soft bullet proof vest,  toughness strong of  Kevlar fiber will take the bullet kinetic energy transmitted to the entire soft bullet proof vest, so that you can reach bullet proof effect. That principle is actually a soft bullet proof vest take the warhead impact energy share to every Kevlar fiber, so when get a shot soft bullet proof will whole damaged . But the tool generated is shear stress, direction of the force perpendicular to the fiber material, and the energy density is much higher than the tip of the bullet, the material learned people know, the fiber material for vertical shear stress resistance is the worst even say no effect, so, for  the cutting tools, soft bulletproof vest have to Despair. High-speed bullet impact to soft bulletproof vest and edge tool and impact mechanism is different also, the former mainly through bullet deformation energy dispersion, mode of transmission fiber breakage and shock wave energy dispersion or consumed, and knife for soft bulletproof vest piercing mainly by shear principle, energy dispersive range is relatively narrow, especially on the head than the tip of the bayonet less likely to defend.

On the market,No single type of soft body armor products  puncture-resistant performance test can pass GA68-1994 standards ,and also can not reach a new stab service standards to be promulgated by the provisions of dynamic 25J puncture resistance. Of course, there are some soft body armor stab effect, the ability of anti-puncture body armor structure according to (mainly structural composition of bulletproof material) to be. To puncture effect to the provisions of the standard stab-resistant clothing, you can only select a hard body armor and special stab-resistant clothing.

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