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Structure and function design features of bulletproof shield
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Bulletproof shields can provide excellent protection group for SWAT team members, but it is bulky, usually used when the target of positive implementation of the siege storm. At this time, consisting of columns arranged in a small surprise, after living in bulletproof shield, bulletproof shields variety design styles, some special police forces are equipped with single bust protective bulletproof shield, which shields the smaller size, lightweight, single hand held by SWAT team members, usually used when a small space operations, especially in the door of the action .

Bulletproof shield on a large observation window designs, even add the installation of lighting equipment.
1.Sculptured shield, reached NIJ III bulletproof level. Usually light alloy or polystyrene bulletproof materials. Due to large size, even if the use of lightweight materials, usually still reach 10-15 kg weight.
2.Horizontal grip design helps bring long line spacing grip and shields at least 7 cm to ensure that when the bullet hit the shield, not oppression deformation occurs at hand.
3.Shield the lower limit crossbar design to ensure shield between the body and to maintain a certain distance.
4.All the support points are located in the attachment of the shield edge, so as not to affect the ballistic protection shield central portion.
5.The shield on the monitor window is a multilayer polycarbonate material and consistent with the shield surface.

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