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The advantages of anti riot suit
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Anti riot suit widely used in public security ordinary anti riot  management and large-scale riots, is one of the public security police staff personal safety. What are the advantages in anti riot suit, the following will give you the advantages of anti riot suit by the Jiangsu Anhua.

1. First riot gear from the material is a material of choice is high-strength coated fabrics and specialty plastics, wearing a very convenient and environmentally friendly non-toxic and will not endanger their personal safety.

2. riot gear resistance, high temperature capability up to + 55 ° Low 20 °, and has a strong puncture resistant and anti-strike capability.

3. riot gear chest and back thighs ventilation suspension system design, but setting for parts of the legs and arms also have.

4. riot gear have good stab feature that allows the enemy's blade impermeable protective layer.

5. Under riot based on the premise, enhanced debugging and protective bag bowl, with gripping and retaining vertebrae in the chest at, like this design is easy to go to the bathroom, with practical features.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P