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The difference between PC anti riot shield and metal shield
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PC anti riot shield and metal shield for a bouts between "hero",who will win ,let us wait and see!

Lightweight contest. PC as a polymer material lighter texture, a piece of common party shield (500 * 800mm) about 3KG,weight is the same specifications metal shield 1/8 times. Therefore, it has a handheld lightweight convenient ,in favor of training operation and other advantages , which is one of the reasons that a lot of customers purchasing .

Impact resistant contest. It is well-known that metal shield have bullet-proof function, so some people will regret PC Shield "not on the table." But if you can understand the "elephant and ant force the contest," the article, you will understand the PC shield not you imagined it: can not compete with the metal shield. In other words, if the PC anti riot shields thick enough, it is also able bulletproof.

Quotes contest. Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., as a manufacturer of PC shields. which use PC endurance board thermoplastic PC shields have been sold home and abroad, won numerous praise. In the current sales volume to see ,PC shields sales volume have been climbing , far more than the metal shield, unlimited prospects.

Anti-Riot Shield SD-9593