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The effect of anti riot suit used in the actual combat
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Anti riot suit is used in the real world mainly to maintain law and in order to protect the safety of persons, to maximize the human body from harm. In fact,  it is very similar to the previous riot gear armor, protection of the purpose is the same, that is, when the two sides battle to protect the body does not hurt. This greatly reduced the casualties. But in the process and materials used in the production of top above a big difference, conventional armor rely on external metal objects were modified to resist and ultimately achieve the role, but his biggest drawback is too heavy, people action inconvenient addition is for physical consumption is also an important part. Protection now are taking to some of the more lightweight materials, both can play a role to resist, but also very easy person move. Now there is a good advantage of protective clothing is now riot gear structure is separate, when in use does not affect the activities of the various parts, so you can protect yourself, and can effectively combat the enemy. 
     Anti riot suit use effect in ctual combat is still very desirable because it is ready for close combat, so he's the most important function is to protect some, hitting with sticks or tools cut, stab. According to various studies and experiments show that on the chest, back, abdomen using standard test tool, 20J kinetic energy, vertical piercing, nose impermeable protective layer, so that the human body has good protection, even someone behind the attack can be blocked. Is comprehensive protection. Now riot gear also has a protective layer of flame retardant properties and effective protection area. 
     It is made of Protective clothing and high-strength coated fabrics and materials with special plastic made ??of nontoxic,  it is natural to human body without harm. Thus even if the long-term use is not harmful to human harm. There chest, back, thighs, legs, arms and other parts are provided with ventilation so that even long wear will not have a certain impact the human body. For easy cleaning, a lot of places in riot gear are free to be demolished. Now protective clothing in addition to protection is also provided a lot of packaging design, you can wear other tools, the use of performance particularly strong.
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