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The function of bullet proof vest
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 Bullet proof vest is a product developed with energy weapons, which consists of jackets, bulletproof layer, shock absorption cushioning layer, sometimes in order to improve its protection of local performance and protection board inserted in the chest. Bulletproof layer is the main part of bullet proof vest, directly affect performance of bullet proof vest . Hard bullet proof vest is a pioneer in the development of bullet proof vest, has been developing and using ,its bulletproof layer is made by bulletproof steel and other hard materials overlapping block structure ,because of its hard, heavy, inflexible and rebound is less need for the use of modern warfare, the soft bullet proof vest is a shortcut to the mid-20th century, high-tech development, the bulletproof layer is laminated multi-layer fiber material processed (or weft fabric) and sealed with a dark tarpaulin parcel made suitable for all-weather use, light weight, soft, comfortable, is a substitute hard bullet proof vest.

Then if wear bullet proof vest on the battlefield is safe? In fact, bullet proof vest protection is fatal human organs (mainly the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney, and some also include the neck, shoulder and crotch) from high speed fragments, bullets and other projectiles harm an personal protective equipment, bullet proof vest was intended to improve the survival chances of frontline combatants, revivify, morale, improve combat effectiveness, but by no means a panacea, put on bullet proof vest may also be hit outside their protected area , it is also likely is higher than its level of protection of bullets hit, in these circumstances, bullet proof vest appears powerless . However, the bullet proof can indeed reduce the rate of battlefield casualties. According to the survey show that on the modern battlefield, artillery, rockets, grenades and mines wound in than out gradually increase, accounting for 67% -75% of the total number of casualties, but also in personnel killed,  died of head, chest, abdomen key parts accounting for 82% -87% , far more than the death rate of the limbs. Wear body armor can reduce the injury rate of 27%, was killed rate decreased by 40%.

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