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The history of armor suit
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Suits of armor also called as anti riot suit ,in ancient China known as protective equipment collectively. Protective helmet is made wartime head harness, the Qin Dynasty, also known as "helmet", the Warring States period known as the "pocket iron pot (móu)", said the Northern Song Dynasty, "head iron pot," Song said after the addition of "helmet." A known armor, a guard elsewhere in the body harness.

Early in the war between the original social tribes do, the ancients invented armor. Early armor generally with rattan, leather, wood into, the subsequent emergence of iron, silk, paper, and other forms, ranging from several kilograms of weight to four or five pounds. In ancient China, the manufacture of armor generally designated by the State responsible for the specialized agencies.

Before the Spring and Autumn Period, senior generals general use Leather, bronze armor, Han after the multi-purpose armored. Good armor on the battlefield can effectively protect the life, therefore, extremely cherished generals of armor. "Outlaws of the Marsh", the class teacher Xu Ning possession of tuna worth million gold pair of Yanling armor, was later moved when the drum flea stolen. When Kublai Khan crusade Naiyan, also bestowed to HongJunqi root A pair of geese. A pair of Yanling Yanling with root-connectivity made, can withstand light weapons chop, stab. But generals armor generally complex manufacturing process, the manufacturing volume is not large.

Ancient junior officers, soldiers in the thousand years, has been using Leather. Leather from the best rhino, buffalo, shark skin made of durable, can save a hundred years, bronze weapons and ships iron weapons can not penetrate. Later, the soldiers felt equipped armor, silk armor, armor tissue. Tang dynasty, Dong Xu Jiedushi A paper suppliers invention, reportedly strong exception, fierce arrow can not penetrate. Ming Qi Jiguang national hero in the southeast coastal areas to fight pirates, Zeng tissue soldiers wearing armor. This armor, although light weight, but it can effectively defend fowling piece of lead bullets, very suitable for operational use in southern China.

Armor not only used to protect soldiers, it was also used to protect horses, this protective equipment called vest, as early as the Shang Dynasty there. Northern and Southern Dynasties China is seeing a heavy armor cavalry. This vest consists of six parts, weighing 90 kg, except for horse ears, eyes, nose, mouth and limbs, tail exposed, the body armor protection. History of heavy armor cavalry appeared nine hundred years earlier than the West.

In the late Qing Dynasty, in recent emergence of modern guns, armor protective effect is no longer evident, and gradually withdraw from the stage of history. But we now also equipped with a helmet soldiers, combat Shihai wear body armor, these are modernized armor.

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