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The protection goals of bulletproof vest
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Considerable evidence that, in war,use the bulletproof vest can effectively reduce casualties of soldiers. Also in some countries,social security is poor  and much violence, to protect themselves from injury, for the police and even ordinary citizens are crucial. In view of this, today's Jiangsu Anhua will lead you to understand the protection goals of bulletproof vest ,  in order to enhance understanding.

The protection goals of bulletproof vest
Currently, mainly for two aspects of body armor protection. One is the bullet from a pistol and a rifle. The bullets hit the target after deformation in the deformation process consumes itself off part of the kinetic energy, which is smaller pistol muzzle velocity bullets, easy to intercept, but military rifle bullet muzzle velocity of up to 1000m / min, the initial kinetic energy is large, so the body armor The production of materials requires relatively higher. Second, the shrapnel from the explosion. With the rapid development of science and technology, as before the war as a short-range shot is no longer the main scenes of modern warfare, modern warfare is the use of more lethal great Candan. According to statistics, 80 percent of the casualties of the Vietnam War was a monolithic hit, and only 20 percent is hit by a bullet. Although smaller than the bullet shrapnel, but its sharp edges and do not hit the target after deformation, and therefore more lethal.

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