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The response principle of anti riot events
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In everyday life ,anti riot event is not always happen  things, so people usually ignore this knowledge, and  now  explained  by jiangsu AnHua as below  in order to  people can calmly face danger in emergency situations.

First, Don't onlookers when come across terrorist attacks, should leave immediately;

Secondly, if an event is in the field, keep calm, because blind panic will affect self normal judgment.

Third, try to ascertain whether their present danger, if dangerous, good personal protection, quickly leave the danger zone, when if you can not escape, you should take advantage of the terrain, hidden objects cover, hiding.

Fourth, in case of terrorist attacks perpetrators unidentified gas or liquid spilled, it should quickly escape, and with a towel, cover your nose and mouth .

Fifth, when the citizens have been hijacked or attacked in a remote area, try to remain calm, to avoid provoking the terrorists.

Sixth, the observation site conditions, when the time comes to withdraw quickly, away from the scene.

Seventh, no matter under what circumstances, should try to maintain emotional stability, and flexibility.

Eighth, ensuring personal safety, to the police as soon as possible. Alarm as concise as possible, but the details are clear. Including: location, time, occurrence of an event, consequences. Such as shootings, I should say: "In the position, there is a dress person, armed with weapons, injuring people"; such as arson, it should be said that the fire occurred in ×× position (position near the presence of hazardous materials and other information, including: area, roads, residential areas, the first of several buildings, the first floors, etc.).

Ninth, commence as soon as first aid and call 120 emergency calls for help. Emergency Phone should be simple and clear, the language must be refined, accurate and clarifying important to avoid delays. The main contents are as follows: Event type, number of injuries, the injury situation, injury time, waiting place,  Help people's name identity, contact.


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