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The role of anti-riot equipment
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Anti riot equipment, also known as police equipment , is one of the major categories of security products, mainly used for security policing. Maintain social order, to create a civilized home. To build a harmonious society plays an irreplaceable role.  Jiangsu Anhua Police Equipment Manufacturing Co.,sales the anti riot equipment :anti riot suit, anti riot shields, anti riot helmets, etc.

Anti riot equipment can suppress riots,  In the case of  demonstrations forced the dissolution of the crowd riots and other relief for damage to both sides, that is at the same time protect their own safety, to avoid harm to each other. Whether or rioting crowds of riot police, in order to achieve the reduction in casualties situation occurs, you can use special tactics or queue, with professional anti-riot equipment to deal with unarmed crowd or low-grade armed groups, in order to lowest injury.

Anti riot suit is one of the anti riot products of our company. It consists of nursing chest, retaining the back, shoulder, arm guard, retaining arm (elbow), thigh, leg protection and gloves and other components, in order to protect human body, upper and lower limbs as a purpose of personal protective equipment. All relevant parts made adjustable velcro to connect, to adapt to different height are wearing, wearing comfortable and flexible.

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P