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The role of anti riot helmet
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Although the social development rapidly, people's living standards also rising, but the ensuing social unrest riots are not uncommon.  Anti riot helmet is indispensable equipment that riot detachment in dealing with emergencies, terrorism, mass violence, large-scale activities and so on , it and anti riot suit and anti riot shield, etc make up riot armor to protect the safety of operational staff  , reducing the risk factor. Riot helmets divided into the face mask, helmet and neck three parts, the face mask is organic glass ,affixed with a fluorescent marker, the evening is easy to identify.

Light weight, protect the whole parts , anti-strike, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, it can withstand the knives stab, cut and hit a hard object, with a good riot, waterproof, moisture, fire effect,can resist the violence attack of gravity , molotov cocktails, torches, also could not make it burning.


Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B