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The test of anti riot suit before leave factory
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Anti riot suit is a way to effectively resist external object hurt, and have certain flame retardant clothing. Two types of anti-riot suits, one is the basic model, the other is a simple type. Each anti riot suit are all named, mainly consists of four parts: product name code, classification code, business code, product model code.In order to ensure that qualified , anti riot suit need to make the following test:

1, Visual inspection
Visually inspect the appearance of anti riot suit, there must be clear permanent marking of products , no damage, the opening lines and so on.
2, Quality Inspection
Use precision is 0.01KG electronic scale weigh the anti riot suit(outside the helmet attachments),Simple must less than 6.5KG, the basic type is less than 8.5KG.
3, Wearing a flexibility test
Wearing riot gear can do different movements, no  obvious blocking phenomenon.
4,Protection area inspection
using standard measuring tool measure extend area of anti riot suit  ,which effective protection components of each parts, to meet the requirements.
5, Impact resistance test
The anti riot suit flat on the ground, with a spherical steel columns freefall impact anti riot suit, the results must meet the relevant requirements.
6, Hitting energy absorbing performance test
7, Stab Performance Test
8, Climate adaptation test
9, Flame test

Anti Riot Suit BP-28P