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The usage method of gas mask
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Gas masks can be divided into filter respirators and isolation respirators according to the principle of protection.

Filter respirators are made of masks and canisters (or filter element); isolated  respirators can provide oxygen by mask itself, divided gas storage type, oxygen  storage type and oxygen-type three types.

To prevent facial skin allergies, advanced materials by ordinary rubber gas  masks, to make full use of high-quality silicone mask body, anti-aging, anti-allergy,  durable, easy to clean.

There are Different materials and structures of various gas masks, but you can  use the same reference, the following silicone masks wide field use and maintenance  methods.

Respirators before use to check:
1, check whether there are cracks in the mask, lacerations, and facial masks fit to  ensure tightness before use;
2, check the exhalation valve piece without deformation, fracture and crack;
3, check whether there is an elastic headband;
4, check the cartridges seat seal is intact;
5, check the cartridges are in use during the period

Gas mask wearing Description:
1, the mask covering the nose and mouth, and then pulled up to the top of the head;
2, with both hands to pull the back of the neck below the headband, then fastened;
3, dried mask Carefully when check the joints and exhalation valve, suction valve  adhesion and masks put in a clean place for future use;
4, please do not use organic solution when washing, otherwise it will reduce the use  of effects.

Wearing gas masks adhesion test:
Test Method A: Make hand covering the exhalation valve and exhale slowly, if facial  feel a certain pressure, but did not feel air leaks from between the face and the  mask, showing good adhesion to wear; if there are leaks between the face and the mask  , you need to re-adjust the headband and mask to exclude air leaks.
Test Method two: covered with palm cartridges seat connector, slowly inhale, if they  feel there is difficulty breathing, then wear a mask well sealed. If you feel able to  inhaled air, you need to re-adjust the mask position and adjustable headband  tightness, eliminate air leaks.
Redo by the above methods A and B second method do adhesion tests until snug good  performance.

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