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The usage of anti riot helmet and precautions
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Anti riot helmet use is very rigorous,so we must do the preparatory work in advance when in use,use according to their head shape and size,to find suit themselves helmet,when in use, the first will helmet forward, turn on the mask lenses,with finger pulls then wear on both sides, and to open on both sides to  open expansion,will helmet forward,so that the forehead first into the helmet,down again, make helmet into completely,after wearing the helmet,make the helmet shaking around,so that the head wear comfortable, then wear adjusted to the appropriate location will buckle plugged firmly connected,to make the mask waterproof rubber strip and shell forehead close integration,when I want to take off the helmet will be worn untied;Use finger to hold down the wear on the buckles and pull, can expand opening to wear, from front to back take off .

In the course must be fastened to wear,before the use,must check the mask waterproof rubber strip and shell forehead is not keep a good adaptation,the overall strength,this helmet can withstand the impact that Ministry of Public Security GA294-2001 "police riot helmet" collision energy and cone which specified in article 5.8,5.9 standards. For more than this energy impact, it can only give you the highest intensity protect,  reduce the damage caused to you. So if the helmet has occurred relatively large event, you should immediately stop using,send the factory to identify,whether able to continue to use,the helmet itself can not smear or solvent cleaning with corrosive, because it will destroy helmet's strength!

Anti-Riot Helmet RH-12B