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The usage of electric batons
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(1) Electric shock 
For the general electric batons, use right hand holding the handle and insurance condom on the wrist, to prevent criminals robbed or overexert thrown, the handle with the thumb pressing the shock button, at this time, the contact between the tip and the metal strip that is beating discharge blue arc, the contact and metal discharge bar touches human skin, hit by severe numbness will produce soreness, to make mental tension and a sense of fear, forcing it into submission. But once the electric shock hit the body skin, you should immediately withdraw batons,  it should not a long time to contact skin contact, otherwise it will affect the power of electric batons. 
(2) Lighting 
Holding electric batons, pressing the red light switches front close to the discharge , lights should be lit at this time. Electric batons is a very simple, convenient and practical self-defense weapon, it can shoot a strong beam (irradiation process 200 m or more), so that offenders lose vision, make you deal with violence for the time or enough to make you fled the scene, and this blindness is temporary and will not cause any harm vision, eye alignment criminals when you use, in addition to bright light can also make long-distance cable lighting, illumination distance of about 100 meters. Before waterproof electric shock flashlight into the water, you must check if the waterproof performance is good about the parts before launching lighting. 
(3) Alarming 
Holding electric batons, pressing the middle button alarm switch S button, it will produce a continuous alarm sound from weak to strong. 
Two points of electrical and electronic alarm and that it may issue more than 120 db alarm sound strong enough to provoke neighbors, pedestrians or police, so that offenders have a strong fear. Alarm sound up to 500 m maximum distance, in time to get rid of the hands of the Pirates grab things, without a fight.
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